My best kind of online business is network marketing. I also love affiliate marketing. And many others as well. But among them, network marketing happens to be my favorite. And I have a lot of reasons why I so much love network marketing. Network marketing is a business entity on its own.

Good network marketing will help iron out three important problems that are affecting every human being world over. These problems had sent millions of people to the grave beyond and they will still continue to do so. These problems can be en-capsuled under a single name called poverty. It helps eradicate poverty in term of three things;

  1. Sound health.
  2. cool wealth.
  3. freedom & life.

With network marketing, your health is 100% secured. Most of these network marketing companies produce a kind of product called food supplements. These products are so good to combat any health-related issue in the body.

Here are some facts;

Our Nutritional Life Chain(sixth chain of life) dictates that we need to balance our diet with the following: protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fatty acids. These six links are of vital importance and with anyone missing, life is impossible. The majority of people worldwide have a deficiency of one or more of these nutrients in their daily diet, making these supplements an absolute must for everybody. These supplements do not contain chemicals.

What is amazing here is that you don’t have to be a doctor or a nutritionist before you can administer these supplements. Once you are a distributor, you are entitled. These supplements are legalized in most countries of the world. Most of these companies know that your health is your number one asset. You want to be this, and that means you are healthy. You know what? If you don’t have anything in your bank account today, but if you are healthy, you can become a millionaire tomorrow. Remember the saying” a healthy man is a wealthy man.”

In the area of cool wealth. With network marketing, you will also become wealthy. This is not going to immediately, but eventually, you will become wealthy. Whatsoever you can think of having in life, you can have it in networking marketing. Though, you are going to be seriously underpaid at the beginning but also seriously overpaid later. You will get to a stage, you will say “money is longer the problem.”You will have a very good end-a fulfilling life.

In the area of freedom and lifestyle, network marketing is also very encouraging. You will have your own time freedom. Because you will no longer be working for anybody, but for yourself. You become your own boss. If you are working for somebody, then you are a slave to that person.Why.Because that person will be in charge of your life-i mean your controller. You will no longer be using your time to build someone’s future, but your own.

In addition to the time freedom, you have the opportunity to see the world. You become an international figure. From grass to grace, from nobody to somebody, from mediocrity to celebrity. You see the world is very exciting.

More so, think of personal development. You will develop in all areas of your life. You become a new person.

Above all, think of the different types of people you are going to meet. Because it is a business of relationship. People from different parts of the world come together under an umbrella in the name of the business.


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