Ask any online marketer or business owner what they like most. They will tell you that what they like most is the customer. This is the life-wire of any business. To get more customers, they will need more traffic. More traffic, more customers, more sales, more money.

Here is how to get free traffic from Google popularly known as S. E. O( SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION). As I have said above this is the life wire of any business


In this tutorial, you will simply learn how to get free traffic from Google. How SEO works. This tutorial is the road map on how to get free traffic from Google for your online marketing. What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization? To make things simple, SEO is a technic you do on your website. Something in order to rank your website on Google to get free traffic. You rank your website on the first page of Google or any search engine to get free organic traffic


There are three(3) things you do to rank your website on Google

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimization(SEO)
  • Off-Page Optimization(SEO)

When you do these three things, you start to get free organic traffic from Google or search engines automatically to your website

Keyword Research

Keyword Research. What is Keyword Research? Keyword Research means anything you type on Google is a keyword people are searching for on Google. Therefore, what is keyword research? Is simply finding the keyword that you will use to optimize your website to rank on Google. Your job is to find keywords that your website can rank on. How to do, the first step is to find a keyword, to do research, you have to use a keyword research tool. This will give you the numbers of keyword people are searching for per month. All these keywords are what you can write an article about and rank on Google. Your aim now is to find a low-competitive keyword. What do I mean by a low-competitive keyword? For example, if you go to Google and search for email marketing. You will the list of top websites that rank on email marketing. Examples are Optin Monster, Campaign Monitor, etc. They are big companies that are somehow hard to rank on and to break their rank on Google by new website. Therefore, you can search for another word.

So it is better to use a long tail keyword. What is long tail keyword? For example email marketing, may be email marketing tutorial for beginners. A long tail keyword. This is the easiest way to rank on Google. Another way to find keyword is to go down to find related searches and choose the best keyword. After you choose some keywords, you can go to tools like Uber Suggest. It is also a free tool, you sign up, open it and let write for example, email marketing for a beginner and click search. Uber Suggest will give you something called SEO difficulty. If the SEO difficulty is easy , it is therefore easy to rank for on Google. Your goal now is to go and find keywords that are somehow low marketing volume. For example like 1000,2000 searches per month and check SEO difficulty and select one keyword whit high search volume with low difficulty and pick the keyword to rank on Google. To write an article about.

To sum up, go and do some keywords research and pick up some keywords, filter them out to get high volume keyword with low difficulty. This is the idea of keyword research. After, you pick up your content or keyword list. Now it is time to go to second step which is on page optimization

On page Optimization

On page Optimization is how to optimize articles for on page optimization. It means what you can do on your website, on your page, using your text, your images, video etc. It means what you can do directly to optimize your website for seo. For example, by mentioning the keyword in title, in the subheading, if you go down, it is mentioning again and again. So this will make Google fill that the article is all about it.

To make things simple, there is a plugin you will need to install. This plugin will tell you how to optimize, what you can do to optimize your articles for on page seo. Another example is if you add some images. There is something called alt text. Alternative text. It is also important to optimize your images for seo by enter the alt text. It is important to optimize and compress the size of the images so that the speed website will be very fast. Another important thing for on page SEO is your (URL) for the link of the post. The title of the article must be properly structured into the URL. Your URL must also be optimized for SEO.

To sum up, on-page optimization is what you can do to optimize your website for SEO. You must tell the search engines that your article is about your topic. Tell Google what you are talking about in your article. What you are writing about must be tailored to the title of your article.

I want to mention a particular plugin called Yoast. It is essential you install this plugin for SEO. This plugin is over 5 million active installations and over ten thousand five-star reviews. What a perfect plugin! It will help you and make things so simple for you. If you click on Yoast SEO analytics, it will give you the detail of what you need to do(things to fix) like title, images, and meta description, it will give you everything you need to do to optimize your article for on-page SEO. Let’s move to off-page SEO

Off-Page Optimization

What is off-page SEO? Simply off-page SEO is everything you do outside your website. What can I do outside my website? Simply a basic example is sharing your website on social media. What does this do? It will help you with what we called social signals. So, Google will also attract social signals to your website. It will see if people are sharing it on social media. It will see if it is getting traffic from social media and so on. It is also a part of the metric that Google will see the attraction of the website on social media. It is called a social signal.

Another important factor is what we called backlinks. What are backlinks? Simply is any other website that is linking back to your website. Think of one important service you can provide to give back a link to someone else. That is to say, you can give backlinks to another website. By so doing they can also link back to you. When you have a lot of backlinks, what this simply means is that it tells Google that this website is very important. Every other website is linked back to the website. So it has good information. This is how backlink works. So you need to build backlinks, you need to get backlinks, maybe by sending emails to other website owners asking in exchanging may be backlinks or buying a backlink from them or whatever, or maybe you can build them organically. You need to understand that you need to get backlinks in order to get a high rank on Google. It is very compulsory.

Another factor that is also important is what we called the Bounce Rate or Season Duration. Time duration stands for how long people are staying on your website. All these are very important if you want to rank your website higher on Google. You need to decrease the bounce rate and increase the season duration. For you to reduce your bounce rate, it is important to host your free course on your website. What this means is that people will need to go to my website and watch my course. If someone watches a course of one hour, he will stay on your website for one hour. It is therefore important for Google. It tells Google that this website is very important because people are staying on the website, they are not bouncing directly out of the website. This is about off-page optimization (SEO). Off-Page SEO is building backlinks and social signals outside your website. This is what SEO means. It optimizes your website to get free organic traffic from search engines. It is all about threething main steps: Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, and Off-Page SEO.

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